Ace Race Registration Online!

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You have until 9am tomorrow Thursday to get the discounted package rate of $30, after that time it goes up to $35.  If you know you want in, but can’t manage to get the form to work or something, you can give me a paper copy of the form tonight at Burnaby Doubles (Ace Race 2012 Registration Form (PDF) and I’ll have some with me).  Alternatively you can e-mail me with your intent to register.

The reason for the cut-off and the price change is because we need to order the Players Packages in advance.  Those people who commit to buying one get a discount for telling us about it.  Those people who don’t commit early (before we need to order) pay more because we order extra players packages, not all of which will necessarily be sold.

So commit early and save $5!

Also, if you’re going to another Ace Race, you can still come to ours and get a chance to win the grand prize.  Your discounted rate is $15 for your first round and $10 for any additional rounds.

Register Online

This year the Ace Race will take place on Oct 13th from 10:00-2:00pm (your round must have started by 2:00pm) at Robert Burnaby Disc Golf Course, you must play with at least one other person. Otherwise, you can drop in and start playing anytime during that window. Score cards will be accepted until 3:30. The time 10am-10:30am will be limited to pick-up for those who pre-registered.

What you get:

  • 2 Prototype Discs in Z Line plastic – Hybrid Driver disc (weight range 164-179g) ($32+ value)
  • 1 Premium aluminum water bottle ($15+ value)
  • 1 Pair of UV Sunglasses ($10+ value)
  • 1 2012 Ace Race SuperColor Mini ($5 value)
  • 1 Discraft sticker ($1 value)
  • A chance at the grand prize: Discraft 12 disc bag with 8 discs ($150+ value)


Special this year:

  • Reuse your Players Package from another 2012 Ace Race (Kamloops, Abbotsford, Campbell River, Kelowna) by buying extra rounds without having to buy another Players Package!
  • Additional Discraft Discs will be available at the event for purchase
  • Club Round for tags to follow the event
  • If we have extra 2012 players packages at the end of the event you’ll be able to purchase the pieces if you want more: Discs $15/ea, Waterbottle $5, Sunglasses $5, SuperColor Mini $2

Base cost: Early registration: $30 until midnight Sep 19th; $35 after Sep 19th; $40 if we sell out and need to order you a new package.

Options this year:

  • Buy additional score cards for $10/ea, it’s a second (or third or …) chance to run Aces for the grand prize
  • Buy extra hats
  • Buy discs from previous Ace Races
  • Buy minis from previous Ace Races
  • Proportional Cash Sidepot $5 buy-in (will pay out for the most metal hits instead if no one who bought in gets an Ace)


The course: (currently planned)

  • 4 rounds of 10 holes (40 holes total)
  • Hole 1 shortened
  • Hole 2 (may be shortened)
  • Hole 3 regular
  • Hole 4 regular
  • Hole 5 regular
  • Hole 6 shortened
  • Hole 7 shortened
  • Hole 8 (may be shortened)
  • Hole 9 regular
  • Hole 10 (may be shortened)


The Rules:

  • 1 Throw per hole, per round
  • Must throw the 2012 Ace Race Prototype Disc only
  • Record an M on the score card for a metal hit (it can hit on a bounce or a roll, doesn’t matter)
  • Record an A on the score card for an Ace
  • Most Aces during a round on a given score card wins the grand prize, tie breaker is metal hits
  • Cash Ace Pot can only be won by people who buy in before their round
  • All rounds must be witnessed by another participant
  • You can practice before your round, but you must declare that you’ve started playing (and your whole group must do so at the same time) before any Ace can be counted
  • Cards must be turned in by 3:30pm to be eligible for prizes

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