Ace Race Summary

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So we had about 50 people out braving the rain on Saturday, which was a good turn out considering the weather.  It does mean however that we didn’t sell out, so I’ve got a few packages left if anyone is interested in picking one up after the fact.

The Ace Pot peaked out at $150.

In total we had 13 Aces and 40 Metal hits (based on the score cards that were actually turned in.

The Grand Prize goes to Dave Ross: 2 Aces and 5 Metal Hits.

Honourable mentions go to:

  • Craig Sheather: 1 Ace and 4 Metals (twice)
  • Dan Callcot: 1 Ace and 1 Metal
  • Darrel Thrasher: 1 Ace
  • Dave Ross: 1 Ace and 5 Metals (which would have also been good enough to win the Grand Prize, if he hadn’t beat himself)
  • JP: 1 Ace and 4 Metals, and on his other card another 1 Ace
  • Mark Hammerquist: 1 Ace
  • Matt Lum: 1 Ace and 4 Metals*
  • Nathan Glover: 1 Ace*
  • Wes McIntosh: 1 Ace and 1 Metal

* Neither Matt nor Nathan were in the Ace Pot.

So the paying Ace are worth $13.64 each (rounding up to $14/each).

Aces Payout
 Craig Sheather 2 $28
 Dan Callcott 1 $14
 Darrel Thrasher 1 $14
 Dave Ross 3 $42
 JP 2 $28
 Mark Hammerquist 1 $14
 Wes McIntosh 1 $14

If anyone is aware of any errors please report them ASAP.

If you haven’t picked up your package yet, please contact to make appropriate arrangements.

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