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I’ll expand the content of this page as I get the time to do so. However for now, it’s worth letting you know that there is a course in Burnaby, it’s in Robert Burnaby Park, right by the off-leash area close to the freeway. If you don’t know where Robert Burnaby Park is, get a map, look for Canada Way and Edmonds, the park is large and North East of the intersection. The course is accessible from the parking lot at the North East corner of the park, it is a 9 hole course with pole holes.

For more information about Disc Golf, check out the BCDSS Disc Golf Branch. Here’s a link to the Robert Burnaby course in the PDGA Course Directory.

If you are interested in promoting Disc Golf in Burnaby, and need some help, contacts or advice send an e-mail to burnaby@bcdss.bc.ca or contact any member of the Burnaby Disc Golf Club.

Buying Discs

The best place to get cheap discs is at a tournament that is having a “fly-mart”, which means that people who have too many discs are selling some of the discs they never got around to using, or discs they don’t use anymore. No shipping, just bargains.

If you can’t find a fly-mart, then you can talk to David Cowley, as he can usually hook you up with discs, but failing that, on the web tryDisc Sports Canada* or eBay, or Abbie’s Sporting Goods (32nd & Main, Vancouver) or G-Max (Vancouver).

* Disc Sports Canada, is owned and operated by Jim Brown in Vancouver, a legend in BC Disc circles, and largely responsible for getting the course installed in Robert Burnaby Park in the first place.

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