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BCIT has recently (August or September 2011) installed 9 DGA Mach New II baskets around the gravel track at the main Burnaby campus. Primary access would be off of Wayburne Dr for those of you driving to the baskets (note pay parking is in effect at all BCIT lots 24/7), main transit access would be from Willingdon Ave. Campus Map (PDF)

The baskets are installed in high traffic areas with limited consideration given to pedestrian traffic on fairways (although as far as I can tell no tee pads are marked). That said they are installed correctly with locking collars. The course in it’s current condition is not recommended for play, however with the addition of the baskets it is now an excellent location for doing some field work (assuming you can find a time when the field isn’t being actively used by students). Otherwise at this time you’re best off using the baskets for putting practice.

Boomer has been in touch with their recreation department and is intending to work with them in order to design a more workable course layout.

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