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The Burnaby Disc Golf Club is the totally Disc Golf focused sub-unit of Burnaby Ultimate & Disc Sports (BUDS). The club and it’s members along with other local players and non-members help to coordinate course maintenance, upgrades, events, course permits and more. If you’re interested in supporting Disc Golf in Burnaby, we would appreciate it very much if you joined the club and/or supported our events and efforts. The more members the club has the stronger a voice it has and the more effective it will be able to be in advocating for Disc Golf in Burnaby.

It is worth noting that the club is intentionally the Burnaby Disc Golf Club, throughout the province there are a few models for clubs:

  • course based clubs: in theory these clubs are exclusively concerned with their namesake course, in practice they often function as city clubs despite their names. Examples: The Q Club, Mundy Park.
  • city based clubs: in theory these clubs have a wider scope and are concerned with Disc Golf in their city, which may or may not currently have more than one club. Examples: KDGC (Kamloops), T-Town (Tsawwassen).
  • regional clubs: in theory these clubs are concerned with Disc Golf in a larger region. Example: Islands Disc Golf Society

In practice the naming convention doesn’t really hold, the KDGC realistically functions regionally despite it’s city origins, the Q functions as a city club despite it’s course focus. Regardless, the Burnaby Disc Golf Club is intentionally positioning itself as a city based club. Although we realistically have been playing out of Robert Burnaby for the last 12 years (course went in in June of 1999), the club itself is at this moment in it’s 4th year, officially being founded as part of BUDS in 2008, we are interested in supporting courses or activities throughout the city. So that the organization would be an umbrella organization when more courses are installed in the city.

Another obvious advantages of getting organized is the ability to communicate with each other.

When the club was originally founded in 2008, we brainstormed a list of things which the club could do, these included (in no particular order):

  • Approach the city for course maintenance, improvement and expansion
  • Approach the city for new course development
  • Influence course and park maintenance and changes: replacement of basket 7, and additional baskets
  • Host events: Burnaby Open, Ace Race, Duck Golf
  • Potentially participate in the “Jim Brown Cup” (Ryder Cup style team play event)
  • Increase awareness of and participation in Disc Golf
  • Run Clinics
  • Coordinate outreach efforts
  • Anything else that seems like a good idea

Since the club started there have been successes and setbacks, since we’re trying to sell you on the idea of supporting the club, we’ll focus on the positive. The club, it’s members, and course regulars have managed to accomplish the following*:

  • Brought the BCDSS Duck Golf series back to Robert Burnaby in the 2007/2008 series, for the first time since the 2003/2004 series.
  • Hosted or facilitated events in the 2007/08, 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11 and will mark the inclusion in 5 consecutive series in the 2011/12 series in December 2011. Over that time frame the events have averaged 61 participants and a purse of $1,328.75.
  • Hosted Discraft’s International Ace Race for 6 consecutive years (since 2006) at Robert Burnaby DGC.
  • Hosted the Burnaby Open a PDGA event in both 2010 and 2011, the first PDGA sanctioned event in Burnaby!
  • Acquired 2 new baskets for the course in 2010, one which was used to replace the damaged basket on then hole #7. (Damaged during the wind storms of 2006/2007 that downed over 10,000 trees in Stanley Park). The new baskets are installed on holes 3 and 6 (previously 5) using locking collars allowing for multiple pin locations. The baskets they replaced were moved to hole 8 (previously 7) and as a new hole on the walk between hole 4 and then hole 5.
  • Installed secondary pin location on hole 6 (under the trees and to the right of the previous location), resulting in a longer straighter hole which avoids the worst of the wet season mud that plague the other basket location.
  • Worked with the city to improve tee pads, and install additional “Pro” pads for holes: 3, 4, 5 and 9.
  • Added carpet to tee pads to help reduce erosion both from weather and through play.
  • Repainted the top yellow portion of the baskets and added basket numbers.
  • Added numbers to the tee boxes.
  • And those are just the most obvious things…

* It needs to be said that in many cases it was but a single individual who did all of the heavy lifting for any item on this list, and certainly not in all cases were they club members. However it is probably fair to say that the accomplishments of those individuals who bestowed credit on the club helped to create the environment that allowed for those other things to happen.

Current and historical club membership lists are available on this website.

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