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Goaltimate is similar to Ultimate largely in the same way that half court basketball is similar to basketball, which is to say that it’s a related game but has it’s own special rules and field setup.

BUDS has a Goaltimate Kit which we use at pickup or Goaltimate league, and which could be made available upon request.

There are a couple of reasons that BUDS offers Goaltimate:

  • it’s actually fun
  • it requires fewer players to have a satisfying game: 3-on-3 is actually viable, 4-on-4 is better, and if more than 8 people show up, you have subs.
  • it’s a faster paced game (with a stall count of 5) which helps teach important Ultimate fundamentals (easy passes, keep the disc moving, give and go, pay attention to the count, etc…)

You can check out the full rules (which need updated to reflect the changes to Ultimate rules in the UPA 11th Edition), and our Goaltimate kit.

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