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Note: this page needs to be updated and the links below verified and updated. 28 Jan 2014

Burnaby Ultimate is committed to providing resources, assistance, coaches and expertise to teachers wanting to teach Ultimate or start teams at their schools.

Burnaby Ultimate through the BCDSS is happy to provide discs at a discounted rate of $7 to schools. For volume purchases (100+) extra discounts may be available, so district or group orders are encouraged.

As a special recognition of the importance of education, and the effort which educators put in day in and day out, Burnaby Ultimate is pleased to offer teachers complimentary membership in Burnaby Ultimate, email for details.

We have assembled resources to aid you in these tasks:

We are also happy to provide clinics to teachers, schools or teams at both the elementary and high school level. We want to help develop the next generation of Ultimate players, and help ensure that they receive proper instruction not just in the basic skills and strategy but especially in Spirit of the Game.

If you are wanting more information about Junior’s programs in the province, you should check out the BCDSS Juniors forum and further to be kept in the loop you should contact the BCDSS Junior’s coordinator William Arlotta.

If you have any other questions, or requests, please contact David Cowley, Burnaby Ultimate Coordinator.

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