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Burnaby Heights Park | Burnaby Lake East | Burnaby Lake West | Burnaby North Turf | Byrne Creek | Central Park | Confederation Oval | Greentree Village Park | Kensington #5

Burnaby Heights Park

Our other new grass field for summer 2009. The field is located one block east of Boundary and 7 blocks north of Hastings, at Esmond Ave North and Eton St. Map

Burnaby Lake East fields 3 & 4

The fields are located at the Burnaby Lake Sports Complex [East], behind C.G. Brown pool and the Bill Copeland arena. The are fields 3 and 4 in the North West corner. The nearest major intersection is Kensington Ave. and Sprott St.

Literally 2 minutes off of the Highway 1 or Lougheed Highway. Free parking!

Closest SkyTrain is on the Millenium Line: Sperling/Burnaby Lake OR get even closer by bus on the 110 Lougheed Stn/Metrotown Stn or 144 SFU/Metrotown Stn.

Burnaby Lake West fields 1-5

These fields are located on the West side of Kensington with the main entrance being Joe Sakic Way from Kensington.  Field 1 is the farthest west with Field 5 being the farthest east (and directly adjacent to Kensington).  These are turf fields, and washroom facilities are present.

Literally 2 minutes off of the Highway 1 or Lougheed Highway. Free parking!

Burnaby North turf

The field is located at Burnaby North Secondary School, it has its own parking lot at Frances St and Fell Avenue (which is also where the washrooms are).  It is a field turf field, inside a paved track, inside a fenced area.  Very close to Kensington #5.  It is currently wrongly labelled on Google Maps as “Kensington Track and Field”.

Byrne Creek

The field is located at the new high school at 10th and Griffiths right near the Burnaby/New West border. It is a brand new field this year (2005), and is what’s known as “field turf” which you are allowed to wear cleats on.

Map to school, although the field is actually much closer to 10th and Griffiths.

Central Park

This is a non-standard sports field, and does not have it’s own parking lot. There is however parking near the pitch & putt in Central Park (and a path from there to the field) as well as parking by the Central Park swimming pool (although it’s a longer walk to the park). The field has been vastly improved thanks to the City of Burnaby which filled holes we had concerns about, as well as fertalizing and seeding the field. It looks better each week. This is a normal grass field, and is subject to closure in bad weather.

Map to field

Confederation Park Oval (Field #2)

This is the grass soccer field inside the rubberized oval track, parking is primarily in the same location as the McGill Library or Eileen Dailly Pool. Closest major intersection is Willingdon and Hastings, with Alpha Ave and Albert St being somewhat more accurate.

Greentree Village Park

Greentree Village Park is located behind BCIT at Wayburne and Village.

More specifically it is between the following major streets: Moscrop/Deer Lake Parkway, Willingdon, Canada Way and Royal Oak.

From the Burnaby Lake fields, exit the parking lot, and travel south on Sperling, turn right on Sprott (it’s the street right in front of the club house). Travel west on Sprott, until it becomes Canada Way (at a stop sign, just after Douglas Rd). Stay on Canada Way, while it twists from West to North and back to West. You’ll want to turn left at the next lights, which will be Wayburne. Follow Wayburne past the main back entrance to BCIT, the park will be just ahead on your left (at Village).

Kensington #5

One of our new grass fields for summer 2009. The field is located one block south of Hastings, at Fell Ave and Frances St. West of the tennis courts. Map…

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