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Rules Burnaby Ultimate has adopted the UPA 11th edition rules, with the following changes:


Bricks will be 20 yards. Bricks are supposed to be 20 yards in the official rules, but can vary in local rules, this is just to emphasize that we use the official distance.

Co-ed Gender

The preferred gender ratio will be 4/3 (Male/Female) but based on the gender ratios that are present on any given day 5/2 is acceptable so long as both teams are agreeable. In the event that 5/2 is allowed either team at their discretion can still put out a line of 4/3 or even 3/4. The purpose of 5/2 is simply to indicate that you are allowed to field a line with 5 men and 2 women (each team need not match the gender ratio of the other so long as the ratio is within the acceptable range).

Inability to field an appropriate gender ratio will result in a forfeit of the game, although it is recommended that the game still be played the victory will be registered for the team who is able to field the appropriate gender match.

Teams unable to field an appropriate gender ratio may play short (with fewer than 7 players) without registering a forfeit so long as they never exceed an approved gender ratio. 6/1 is unacceptable but 5/1, 4/2, 4/1 are acceptable.


Footblocks are currently permitted. Footblocks are part of the regular rules, but are frequently prohibited during league play, it is mentioned as a “change” here just to be clear that they are permitted during BUDS games.

Open Gender

Some of our offerings are “Open” which simply means anyone can play regardless of age, gender and sex. There is no gender matching during open play.

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